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Common types of foot protective shoes

China is a big country of economy and labor force. With the development of urbanization and industrialization, safety accidents in China are still serious, in which foot injuries account for a large proportion. Although foot injury does not necessarily constitute a life risk, it has a serious impact on the mental and physical health of practitioners, shadows family happiness, and also brings economic burden to society due to huge industrial injury compensation. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the demand for protective shoes (boots) in China reaches 96 million pairs every year. At present, China has become a big consumer of protective shoes (boots). However, most employers have many loopholes in the selection, management and maintenance of protective shoes. Employers fail to correctly, scientifically and reasonably select and maintain protective shoes (boots), and lack of understanding of foot injury factors in the workplace, as well as the scope of use and protection limitations of protective shoes (boots), so that the protective functions of products often fail to achieve the desired results. The above factors not only affect the health of users, but also shorten the service life of products, invisibly increasing the safety cost investment of employers.


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