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Teach you how to handle heels of high heels

 There are many kinds of shoes. Different shoes feel different from their shape. Generally speaking, high-heeled shoes are girls'favorite, and there are many clothes with high-heeled shoes. But the problem, such as the case that the heel has fallen off, can be solved in some ways. So what's the secret of heel drop in high heels?

Now the technology is to insert a small iron rod on the small piece of things, with a small tube on the heel, and put the rod with teeth into the tube, it will not fall off. After wear, just pull it out and put it into one, but don't wear too seriously, otherwise it will not be easy to replace. The heels of high heels can be repaired if they fall off. The heel and sole are connected and fixed by nailing the heel into the sole from the inside of the sole, so that they are connected and fixed together. The reason for the breakage is that when walking, the heel is kicked heavily, which leads to the pull out of the fixed nails, so that the connection is not tight and cracks appear. If serious, the high-heeled shoes will break. Sprained ankle: Ideal heel height should be no more than 2 inches, otherwise ankle sprains can easily occur. If you need to walk for a long time, it's better to choose shoes with more stability, lower heels and as wide as possible.






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