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A new type of shoe, called "chocolate shoe", has a pencil leg concave in one second.

There are many shoes available for girls nowadays, besides casual shoes and sports shoes, there are also high-heeled shoes that every girl seems to have. Although no high-heeled shoes are popular, low-heeled shoes are also worn by many people. And this kind of low-heeled shoes is more suitable for tall children than high-heeled shoes, because they are tall and tall, wearing high-heeled shoes will appear a little overbearing, not very close. Recently, a new type of low-heeled shoes has become popular in the street. The soles of these shoes are very unique, because the block design is very similar to chocolate and very fashionable. Wearing this low-heeled shoe, not only can you show your height, but also you can concave your enviable thighs. From the picture, we can see that although the face of this young lady is not very high, her facial features are still very delicate and three-dimensional, especially after making-up, she is more attractive in the mirror. Wearing a pair of gradient sunglasses, it looks cool and handsome. A new kind of shoes is on fire in the street. Come and see what they look like. In addition to being able to look at the camera, Miss and Sister's dress is also very attractive. She was wearing a black sports vest, which was cool and comfortable, but also with sportsmanship. The shoes she wears on her feet, called "chocolate shoes", are the latest popular shoes.
She was wearing a black waistcoat with a sexy, witty air, high-waisted hot pants below, and a visual effect of stretching the lines of her legs. It can be said that although her overall dress is simple, it does not lose the style of fashionable people. With a brown bag in hand, it is a little more exquisite.






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