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Produce a pair of shoes

Leima safetyshoes abosultely qualified safetyshoes that have gone through strict testing let us to see how it manufactured.


A pair of good safetyshoes nees high quality leather for every single of leather  we not only measure its proportion and thickness and but also test it tensile and chromium content and PH value



Only the leather pass the test could be stored for later use surely every pair of steel toe cap and steel plate must satisfy the standard thus we spot check 5%of every patch of steel toe cap and midsole .,which are only allowed to be put in storage when they 100%qualified.

Then our cutting workshop which delivers two type of cutting full automatic computer cutting and manual stamping the leather now the leather has been cutting based on the design drawing. Then it will be sent to stiching workshop .we have hired highly experienced stiching talents.well tailored leather is now stiching skillfully by our stiching talents .


Then is molding step ,sthicing uppers will be slide last ,steel toe cap and steel plate .after lasting and heat setter .we finally see the rough apperance of the shoe without outsole .our safetyshoes have dual density PU outsole and midsole .made from foamed PU material .so the shoes feel very light ,soft and comfortable.the outsole is made from high density PUmaterial which make the shoes more wear resisting.rubber and TPU also used for outsole material .


We first placed the molded upper then the injection gun inject the outsole material and the robot its outsole line to buff the upper for stock fitting.

Another robot follow the buffing area to spray glue to the upper before another injection gun fill the mould with midsole material.the upper then placed again and press to allowed  foaming ./

After cooler one pairs of safetyshoes is produced.


Each pair of safetyshoes , must go through strict inspection and scrupulous packing.


That is one pair qualified safetyshoes from LEIMA safetyshoe .we hope the one who wear the shoes are safe and comfortable.







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