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Analysis of China's Safety Shoes Export Competitiveness

1. Generally speaking, the comparative advantage index (RCA) of China's safety shoes export competitiveness has obvious disadvantages if RCA is less than 0.8. On the contrary, if the RCA value is greater than 1, it shows that the product of the country is in a comparative advantage in international competition, and the greater the value, the more obvious the advantage. If RCA > 1.25, it means that this kind of product has a strong comparative advantage; if RCA > 2.5, it is considered that the comparative advantage of this kind of product is very strong. From Table 1, we can see that China's safety shoes show a high comparative advantage. The export competitiveness of safety shoes shows a continuous upward trend, and the increase is accelerating. It has a strong competitive advantage, and the overall dominant position is unshakable. However, we must realize that the export competitive advantage of safety shoes in China is concentrated on the labor-intensive basic type of body shoes, while the high-grade technical relatively intensive type of fitness shoes do not have the export competitive advantage or export competitiveness. This conclusion is consistent with the traditional comparative advantage theory. Our country has abundant labor force, but lacks technology.



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